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After twenty years of fruitlessly seeking relief for a painful shoulder and hip from conventional medical sources, I decided to investigate "alternative" modalities. Extensive research indicated that my problem stemmed from poor posture, leaving me with a dropped, inwardly rotated shoulder on one side, with a corresponding twisted and rotated pelvis. I found an excellent book Posture Alignment by Paul D'Arezzo, which both described my problem to a T, and recommended getting Rolfed if possible. I searched the web for local Rolfers, found Lisa's website and was impressed by her experience. After the first treatment, I was amazed at regained flexibility and pain relief. By the third treatment, I was passing her card around to all my friends, urging them to give it a try. My posture returned to normal at a speed I couldn't believe. My husband, an incredible skeptic, was stunned by my noticeable improvement after every session. After a shoulder injury himself, he asked to see Lisa, and was impressed that she fixed the problem with one session. Lisa provided exercises as we went along, that would help keep the gains I have made after the Rolfing was over. Lisa herself is a delight; I look forward to my sessions as much for the fellowship as well as the therapy. -- Sue F., R.N.,Davis, CA

Lisaís keen understanding of anatomy combined with her sensitivity to the individual's needs make her my favorite body worker. She has a very special way of waiting for the bodyís response before deepening the touch which makes a Rolfing session with her a profound experience. I have felt tremendous release of tension and new freedom of movement after each session. She works magic with her hands.-- Elke B., Yoga Teacher, Nevada City, CA

In Lisaís hands, I feel both safe and challenged. Her strong and sensitive fingers go deep into my tight muscles, a feat possible only with a developed sense of trust. In my Rolfing sessions with Lisa, Iíve been able to work through chronic tension in a way that hasnít been possible with other modalities.-- Greg K., ESL Teacher, Oakland, CA

After living with back pain for twelve years, I signed up for Rolfing sessions with Lisa Biow. The benefits were immediate. Lisa is skillful, thoughtful, compassionate and good-humored, a body worker par excellence. After 10 sessions with her, my daily cheer became, "Wow! My back doesnít hurt anymore!" --Ronnie P., Yoga Teacher and Writer, Nevada City, CA

I've had a fair amount of body work for my scoliosis over the years from different body workers with some benefits. But that was then and this is now. Lisa has a great understanding of anatomy and the mechanics of the body. This, along with her curiosity and intuitiveness, make for a powerful combination. I've never experienced such profound results. It is simply a gift to have her work on me. --George C., Musician and Dad, Nevada City, CA